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Whether you are dealing with a divorce, need assistance with children matters or financial relief, we have a committed team of family law experts who have the experience and knowledge to ensure that we get the best outcome for our client.
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We understand that battling and arguing will not solve the dispute but instead will only antagonise the situation. Our experts take a different approach and engage with the client, looking to the court only as a last resort. We have a team of accredited mediators. We aim to reduce the conflict and negotiate agreements that will best protect our client’s interests whilst ensuring that crucial family relationships are preserved. In the event that talks fail our expert solicitors are able to assist the client through the court system.
We Can Help With Complex Situations
MetroLaw’s solicitors have up to 40 years’ experience dealing with many personal and complex family situations in a private, confidential and efficient manner. Over the years, we have built up expertise to deal with every family problem. These include child and guardianship, custody of children, maintenance of family, divorce and the distribution of assets. Our solicitors have advised married couples, civil partners and cohabiting partners.
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